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The medical billing business hq website has been helping everyday people like you, transform their thoughts of starting a home based medical billing business into reality since 2002! You will be exposed to all the essential topics you must consider such as…


1. How you as a beginner should correctly set-up, open and operate your medical billing business from home,


2. The 4 methods you will use to calculate how much to charge your clients,


3. The 13 steps you will use to effectively market your business and services,


4. What you must include in every contract and agreement that you present to a client,


5. Why electronic clearinghouses are needed to help you operate your business,


6. How to research, evaluate and pick the best online medical billing course to enroll in,


7. How much do medical biller’s earn in the workforce vs owning a billing business,


8. How to instantly spot work at home medical billing job scams on and offline,


9. Why the medical billing business box set is the most complete package on starting a medical billing service,


10. How to fill out the 4 most used types of forms you will encounter in your daily operations,


11. Which 3 services (at the very least) you could offer to your potential clients,


12. How to properly bill for specialists such as chiropractors, therapists, and mental health practitioners,


13. Why you must join a professional organization as a new medical biller and business owner,


14. How to expertly handle denials, appeals and adjustments when they occur and,

soooo much more.


medical billing business hq author image Who Am I & Why Should You Follow The Advice Contained Within The Medical Billing Business HQ?


Great question and I would be shocked if you didn’t want to know. Hello, my name is Paul and I thank you for taking the time to visit today!


I could list all the accomplishments that have made me the medical management consultant I am today, what I’ve gone through in starting my own (medical billing, coding and transcription) businesses & why I have always chosen to mentor others but you can find that info out at: more about Paul G. Hackett. My reasoning for not doing so here is very simple:


Informing You as to what the most current home based medical billing business techniques are is the sole purpose of the medical billing business headquarters website! My personal mission is to help you decide based on pure facts if starting a medical billing business is really the right business for you to pursue and if so… Show you how to do it!


The information and resources that I will share with you throughout the site are the one’s:


I have personally read myself,


I fully endorse as a verified starting a home based medical billing resource/tool that will truly benefit you, and,


I currently use (2017) to mentor people to make sure that they are not left questioning “How Do I ____” or “What Do I ____”? when I’m not readily available to assist them .


OK, now that you know the overall mission of the medical billing business hq website lets get down to the real business at hand…


Are You Aware…The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the rate of employment is expected to increase by 14.5 million jobs by 2020 with healthcare related positions leading the charge.


With this type of growth;


If you are not happy with your current job,


If you are unemployed, or


If you have always dreamed of being your own boss then,


Now is the PERFECT time for YOU to break into the home based medical billing industry!


Wait A Minute… I Thought Medical Billing From Home Is A Scam?


Regardless of what you think or heard medical billing is without question a legitimate business and profession! Trust me, I would not have spent countless hours creating and updating the medical billing business headquarters website over the last decade if it were. On another note… Would your local college, vocational school or online learning institutions take the time to offer courses in the subject if it was a bogus, non-existent scam?


The reason that starting a medical billing business from home has been labeled a scam is two-fold:


1) Since successful medical billing at home businesses burst onto the scene, countless companies sprang up out of nowhere to take advantage of the uneducated public looking to start a home based business. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertisements (on and offline, in trade magazines, newspapers, those free magazines you find in supermarkets, etc.) stating how simple it is to get started, how it could be done with a $300 investment and how one could earn upwards of $60K in their first year working from the comforts of their home.


2) People who bought into those scams and opened their businesses processing medical claims for doctors quickly found out that the education and software they were provided for their $300 investment was so sub-par that they ended up destroying the bottom lines of the practices they worked for instead of helping them as promised. Needless to say the “Entire Medical Profession” deemed home based medical billing businesses as being a huge scam.


The fact is, there are thousands of thriving and highly successful home based medical billing business owners in America. Don’t believe me, do a search for “medical billing” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) and see how many medical billing business owners you find!


Why Do Doctors Need Medical Billing Services?


Here are the top 3 reasons:


1) The topic of processing medical claims is a glossed over subject during medical school so doctors are not educated enough in the subject to perform the job themselves.


2) Even if doctors took the extra time to learn how to do it through reading medical billing books they still would not have time to perform the function and see enough patients to make their practices profitable (talk about a catch 22 situation, right? Lol).


3) If doctors hire an in-house team of medical coders to code patient charts and a billing staff to enter and follow up on every claim just to get paid from the insurance carriers the cost of employees alone would dramatically increase the practices overhead.


So to keep their expenses to a bare minimum and keep their profits high, it pays for them to outsource their claims processing to you instead of a large brick-and-mortar medical billing business that sometimes can be more expensive than having an in-house staff.


Again I say “Starting a medical billing business is one of the most rewarding, profitable and recession proof home based businesses to get involved in”! Does the possibility of doing medical billing from home as a career and business venture intrigue you? Great, then…


Click here and let’s discuss what a medical billers job function is.


Here’s To Your Success!


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