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Hello all, thanks for visiting my about Paul page and it’s a pleasure to meet you!


For those that have never heard of me before I am known in several healthcare related industries as Paul G. Hackett “The Medical Billing, Coding and Transcription Mastermind”. I have received continuous notoriety over the last decade due to my never ending commitment to truthfully helping people set-up, start and operate their own home based medical billing and transcription businesses.


While most think I’m above the reach of the average person I am completely the opposite! Here’s why:


a) I’m just a nerdy-skinny-5 foot 5, 46 year old, single, no kid having, die hard New York fella that served in the Army during the Desert Storm War.


b) I’m a high school grad (and almost didn’t pull that one off, LOL),


c) I’m a year and 2 month college dropout and at that point,


d) I was probably the world’s most dead-end jobs title holder until my life took an unexpected turn in late 1996. You see, my girlfriend at the time enrolled in a career institute to learn medical office management and as things would have it, the school closed down. She found a new school and while helping her study for a medical terminology test one day I was exposed to the process of insurance, billing, accounts receivables and how these topics directly impact the money being made by the doctors that owned the medical office.


With me being the money hungry, living Just Over Broke (the definition of JOB) dude I was, I saw delivering medical billing and transcription services to rich doctors as the way for us to leave the rat race behind and go into business for ourselves.


However There Was Only One Problem…


I had no idea if this type of business was even needed,


no idea where to go to get started if it was,


no idea if this type of business would be profitable one day or if I was throwing away money chasing a fantasy,


I had no idea if this type of business could be started without any prior healthcare experience,


had no idea what the difference between a Corporation (S or G), LLC, Sole Proprietorship or DBA was,


had no idea how much money it took to start and operate a regular business,


had no idea if this or any type of business could be done successfully from a home based environment,


had no idea that if I didn’t start a business account at a bank and I got sued for any purpose I could have lost the business itself, all the money I made from the business, as well as all the money I had before I started the business (not that I had more than $300 to my name, LOL, but you get my drift) and,


OK, There Was More Than 1 Problem And I Had Other Questions…


On top of all that, back then I had no one knowledgeable enough to guide me in my quest and those that were in the know didn’t want to share their secrets.


My girlfriend continued her education by going to a specialized coding school where she took and passed the 5 hour national CPC certification exam given by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) in late 1999.


During those 2 ½ years I conducted thorough research about the medical billing and transcription industries, working from home in general and I attended every free seminar in Business Administration that I could. I was finally ready, I was confident, I knew what I was doing so I pulled the trigger in early 2000 and began setting up my business.


It Was An Epic Fail, Not Once But Twice!


There’s a saying that goes “Knowing Is Half The Battle” and while I had the research to make things happen I lacked the real world expertise to correctly put that knowledge into action.


Long story short, I got scammed by a few companies and people that I thought were looking out for my best interests however they were only out for the Benjamin’s ($$$$).


While I can look back now and laugh at those failures, there “Wasn’t nothing funny then”! I clearly remember crying like a baby and everyday I was literally sick to my stomach thinking about the amount of money I had wasted.


Since I was surrounded by all the physical elements I needed to run a small business I continued to plug away behind my girlfriends back. Along with a friend from work I correctly formed a sound business structure and in October 2000 “Stelo Medical Billing & Practice Management Inc.” was officially born.


By 2002 I became really internet savvy so I used to troll several healthcare forums, chat rooms, association and organization websites where I found hundreds of people seeking information about starting a home based medical billing or transcription business. The sad part was that either their questions went unanswered or the answer were so brief it left the questioner with even more questions than they originally had.


What made matters worse was, there were people in the groups that were just as new as the folks asking questions giving out incorrect and misleading advice. So I began leaving detailed answers, contacting those that left their information and before I knew it I was receiving almost 50 calls and upwards of 200 emails everyday asking for advice.


About Paul hackett On New Years 2001 By January 2001 Business For Us Was Popin’ Like Champagne Corks And In 2005 We Had So Many Clients We Had To Stop Taking On New Business.


Then in late 2006 my rigorous work schedule and business ethic took a toll on my health and I was ordered by my doctor to take a long deserved break from the company. The decision put a huge strain on the relationship between me, my girlfriend and my other business partner but life went on as they awaited my return. In 2008 my doctor, and business partners found out what I was doing and they went ballistic!


Yep, the stuff hit the fan. My doctor couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t recovered 100% like I was supposed to under their treatment so I had to come clean and let them know that I was spending almost 18 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week helping people via phone and the internet.


My partners jumped all over me telling me how “we learned by trail and error”, “how it wasn’t my responsibility to teach people to become our competition”, “that’s why I’m not getting healthy” and so on. While I understood where they were coming from I just couldn’t turn people away, like others had done to me when I first started out.


My life and relationships were on the line, so something had to give. With all the negative energy swirling around me at the time 2 things became crystal clear:


1) My true passion, above and beyond having built a successful business was my newly found love of helping others do the same! I felt duty bound to giving them the most truthful advice so they could achieve or surpass my accomplishments in less time and without getting scammed along the way, and lastly,


2) I had to find a way to continue doing so without any further impact on my recovery and relationships.

Then like an act of GOD, one morning while debating with a doctor about the usefulness of home based billing businesses on an AOL message board (Wow, remember You’ve Got Mail, LOL). They went on to say I should consider writing a book aimed at doctors because my ideas were insightful and could help doctors new and old dramatically increase their practices cash flow.


The Birth Of The Medical Billing Home Business Bible Book


I took what that doctor said to heart however, instead of attempting to making them richer I decided to assist those that could really use the money to better themselves, their families and ultimately their communities.


So for 4 months straight I wrote down every questions I had when I was trying to enter the industry, I gathered all the questions I was asked via phone/email and with a fine toothed comb I sifted through everything to find the most commonly asked questions that deserved clear concise answers.


In the end the first draft was incredibly 300+ pages long! It took me another 2 weeks of proofreading to condense it down to only those topics and aspects that would really help the reader accomplish their goal without putting them in a coma, LOL. When all was said and done, I had 108 pages of pure information compiled into ebook format and I called it “The Medical Billing Beginners Book”.


From 2008 to the end of 2009 new rules and regulations were implemented that total changed the medical billing industry as a whole. Those rules dramatically impacted how we as home based medical billing business owners had to do business more securely including how we handle patient information, how patient data had to be transmitted which led to changes in how we went about marketing our services to potential clients.


To keep those that I mentored current in January 2010 I had to completely revamp the ebook to cover those topics in detail and in the process I decided to publish the ebook into a paperback version. By April 2010 my book could be found in most of the major retail bookstores in the United States under the title of “The Medical Billing Home Business Bible”.


So What Happened To My Health And My Practice Management/Consulting Business?


Well, in 2009 I recovered fully and went back to the business I started years before!


However to my dismay things were in shambles. The business had lost alot of clients because of blatant incompetence and customer services issues that went unaddressed, we lost clients to other competitors due to exaggerated pricing points and some clients even took a page from my playbook and implemented my methods in starting their own medical billing businesses to take care of themselves and their peers (now that’s what I call Flattery, lol).


Since 2007 my beloved girlfriend and business partner kept me out the loop to all that was happening in my absence and out of the respect for my health issues or so they said! Once I returned and saw the devastation and outright greed it led to constant fighting, power struggles and to the break up of my girlfriend and I. Out of sheer disappointment I felt I could no longer trust or do business with them so I decided to sell my shares of the company to the remaining partners.


Neither one of them wanted to spend the money I was asking for so in a joint action we dissolved the company completely and went our separate ways.


Today I am totally stress free, 100% healthy and am doing what I truly love to do… Helping everyday people like you, transform their thoughts of starting a home based medical billing business into reality like I have faithfully been doing since 2002!


Before I Close I’d Like To Take The Time To Acknowledge The Following…


People & organizations that gave me the courage and assistance I needed to attain my dream of owning my own medical billing business:


Sandra L. Swies, HRS.– President of SES Physicians Management, & Medical Billing Help Center Website & Ex-Ex-Moderator of the Ivillage Medical Billing Message Board


Tammy Harlan– President of Medical Billing Course,


Linda Walker– President of Practice Managers Resource & Networking Community,


Cyndee Weston– President of the American Medical Billing Association,


Small Business Administration,


Service Corps Of Retired Executives, and


The Following Websites That Helped Promote My Ebook In The Early Stages:


Billing And Coding Advantage Magazine

Quality Medical Billing Services Website

Med Office Solutions Website

Medical Billing and Practice Management Software Website

Business Owners Idea Cafe

Work At Home Books

Start A Secretarial Business Website

Dot Com Mommies

Smart Mom Central

The Dabbling Mum

At Home Medical Transcription Website

The Clerical Connection, and

All my ebook affiliates that signed up from Clickbank and other Reputable Networks


I would like to thank those individuals that stood behind me when opening the business was just an idea in my head. I would not have been able to do it without your love, belief and undying support.


Lastly, I want to thank you (yes, you reading this page right now, LOL) again for stopping by today and I wish you all the best in 2017.


  Best Regards,


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