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What Is A Affiliate Program A.K.A Associate Program?


Imagine this…


You have products or services that you sell on the internet but you need to get more exposure to them to drive sales. You are a small business and don’t have the budget in order to hire a professional advertising agency to promote your offerings so what do you do?


1) Create a free to join 2-Tier (more on that in a minute) affiliate program,


2) You advertise the associate program on your website, through affiliate networks, on other blogs or websites, Craigslist, free classified ad sites, etc.


3) I sign up and in turn you give me the tools necessary to promote your items (for example: pictures of the products or services, individual links to each product or service, copy to use on my website – in email messages – on social media sites, etc.),


4) 1st -Tier affiliate program; For each and every sale you give me a piece or commission of the cost of the product or services selling price for helping you generate that sale (let’s say 20%).


5) 2nd-Tier associate program; You also provided me with a special affiliate link to use to get other people to join your program. For each and every sale they help generate they get 20% however, I also get paid a smaller percentage (let’s say 8%) because I referred them to join your program in the first place.


Ok, now that you understand how it works let’s discuss…


Why Should I Join This Particular Medical Billing Affiliate Program?


Medical billing is a growing “very stable” industry that continues to need help & guidance, and these are the products that we offer.


Our books and courses are easy to sell, due to the fact that everyone in this business has to know, learn and master the information that we provide.


All of our books and courses are instantly downloadable easy to understand and use.


We provide affiliate tools to help you market the products.


Even if your potential buyer does not buy right away, your affiliate link puts your unique tracking cookie onto their computer so even if they purchases 320 days from now you still get credit for generating the sale!


medical billing associate program money imageWhat Will I Earn In This Medical Billing Associate Program?


You will be awarded with the highest commissions ever offered in the medical billing books and courses industry!!! Here’s the breakdown:


1) Earn 35% of every ebook your referral purchases,


2) Earn 15% of every online course your referral enrolls in,


3) Earn 8% of every ebook & course from the sales generated by those you referred into the program!


When And How Will I Be Paid Once I Join The Program?


Every medical billing affiliate is paid on a monthly basis via Paypal with on set minimum payout. For example; you generate $100 in sales during this month, come the 1st of next month $100 will be deposited into your account like clockwork.


It doesn’t get any better than that and some of our affiliates are making upwards of $400 a month for something they put into action once.


What Will I Be Promoting As An Affiliate?


Downloadable Medical Billing Books Affiliate Program – 35%



Medical Billing Courses Affiliate Program – 15%



Refer Others To Join This Medical Billing Affiliate Program & When They Generate Sales You Get – 8%


Click Here To Join This Associate Program Today


Thank you for visiting the website today, now Let’s Make Some Money.


Here’s To Your Success!


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