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Most beginners to the work at home medical transcription industry don’t know so here is an expert overview of the industry. Whatever isn’t covered here will be in-depth by a very successful 9 year work from home medical transcription veteran who wrote what is being referred to as “The Bible” of the home based medical transcription industry.


work at home medical transcription businessWhy Should You Follow My Work At Home Medical Transcription Advice?


My name is Paul G. Hackett and while owning a medical billing, transcription and consulting firm is my core business, my true passion is properly guiding people on the correct paths to start their own home based medical billing, transcription and practice management businesses.


While I could go and on about myself, I Won”t because I made this page specifically for your benefit so if you would like to get to know me on a more personal level please Click Here.


Work From Home Medical Transcription; Is It A Legitimate Home Based Career?


Most definitely and unlike medical billing it is not plagued with widely advertised scams. Medical transcriptionists have three options when deciding how they want to work:


1) Work inside a practice, hospital, etc.- if you take this route then you could make the equivalent of $9-15 per hour depending on your skill, accuracy and location. As with any other job you will be supplied with everything you need (including benefits) by your employer.


2) Be a work at home “Independent/Self Employed” medical transcriptionist – This is when you work completely for/by yourself, you take care of your taxes, you sign up and maintain your own client/accounts, you market your services, you provide your own benefits, etc. You’ll probably start out at the equivalent of $10-15 per hour (or 6-14c per line) and in time (years) you could be earning the equivalent of $15-$40 per hour depending upon the amount of work, clients and type of equipment that you use. Or;


3) Be a work from home medical transcriptionists as a “Contractor” with one or more national, regional or local companies – this is called work from home medical transcription and it is the same as the above mentioned position with the exception that the company you contract with usually pays 7.5% of the FICA tax, they might give you certain equipment to do the job their way and they will assign the workload expectation and pay scale.


What Is Medical Transcription & What Do Transcriptionists Do?


Medical transcription is the process whereby one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports.


It involves receiving dictation by tape, digital system or voice file, the use of ear/head phones, a foot pedal for start-stop control, a variety of word processing programs and other software to type out what a doctor says into a certain format. Today with the advancement of technology, work at home medical transcriptionists usually downloads and transmits their completed work back to the home office via a secure internet connection.


What Skills Do Work From Home Medical Transcriptionists Need?


Having a computer and typing fast is not enough to become a home based medical transcriptionist;


You MUST go to school to become trained to do medical transcription as a professional,


You MUST possess above average listening skills,


You MUST possess above average English and grammar skills,


You MUST possess excellent computer skills,


You MUST possess above average research skills,


You MUST maintain high typing speeds with great accuracy,


You MUST possess the ability to pay great attention to detail,


You MUST possess a great understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, laboratory tests and values, medical equipment and procedures,


You MUST have the ability to work alone since you will not have much contact with others,


You MUST have the ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines, and


You MUST be able to sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time.


What’s The Initial Investment Of Starting A Work At Home Medical Transcription Career?


This varies and it depends on several factors like:


Do you already have a home office or if you’re starting from scratch?


Do you have formal medical transcription training or not?


Do you already have most of the books you will need?


Do you have the necessary software programs to do the job professionally?


Do you need to purchase additional software or hardware?


While you can purchase mildly used equipment from places that support the work from home medical transcription industry however I suggest you get them brand new because they are really inexpensive.


Here’s a list of your five major medical transcription purchases and where to purchase them:


1) Personal Computer and Laptop (cost varies on model) – you can us either or however a laptop come’s in handy when/if you need to travel. While you don’t need a lot of storage space your computer should be no more than 3 years old, have at least a 2.0 GHz internal processor and have at least 4 Gigabytes of memory and a monitor that is big enough to relive the stress on your eyes. You can go to your favorite electronics store or you can purchase one online through a reputable online venue like Click Here (you can also do a search for laptops from this page),


2) Transcriber Software (cost Free) – you can download Express Scribe from Click Here,


3) Medical Transcription Training (cost varies) – I cover the 2 online courses I professionally endorse to those I mentor later on in this page,


4) Foot Peddle (cost $40+) and Headset (cost $15+) – you can get both of these as a bundle however I find purchasing them separately is less expensive so Click Here, and


5) Must Have Work At Home Medical Transcription Reference Materials (cost varies according to title):


Most Current Pharmaceutical Word Book = Click Here,


Medical Spellchecker = this software is uploaded to your computer via a CD and every year you upgrade it so it stays current Click Here,


ADHI Book of Style = Click Here,


Drug Index = Click Here,


Most Current Stedmans or Saunders Medical Word Book – This book covers the entire medical community however it is best to purchase them individually for the specialties you transcribe for so also do a search for “the specialty medical word book” Click Here,


Medical Abbreviation Book = Click Here,


Anatomy and Physiology Book = Click Here,


Medical Dictionary = Click Here,


Line Counter Software = Click Here.


Your initial work from home medical transcription investment will be very minimal compared to doing medical billing from home but…


Before We Get Into What Online Medical Transcription Courses You Should Take, We Must First Discuss… How You Should Evaluate Them:


When it comes to work at home medical transcription training courses you will have a plethora of choices (especially if you search online). Let’s begin with your choices:


College Courses


Vocational School or Trade School


On The Job Training


Learn On Your Own or


Take an Online Medical Transcription Training Course


Note: How one medical transcriptionist got their training might not be the right type of training for you because everyone learns differently.


Here’s what good work from home medical transcription training courses consist of:


Medical Terminology,


Acronyms (including Eponyms and abbreviation usage),


Anatomy and physiology,


Laboratory usage (including tests and values),


Medical procedures and equipment,


Understanding drug usage,


Proper formatting,


Medical transcription ethics,


Researching techniques,


Refresher/Advanced typing,


English and grammar refresher,


Marketing and business skills.


You should also look for a medical transcription training course that will give you all the up-to-date equipment you’ll need to learn on (at no addition charge), award you with a “Certificate Of Completion” (not to be confused with “Certification”) and if the course or school has employment programs for after you complete the medical transcription training at no addition expense to you then that’s great!


I took the time to speak with several working MT’s, home based MT’s, schools, online medical transcription training courses, the alumni of medical transcription training courses and then applied my own experience to base my conclusions on.


Who Has The Best Online Medical Transcription Training Course in 2017 – 2018?


P.S.: You can ignore the work from home medical transcription suggestions that I have mentioned today however, by doing so will greatly diminish the opportunities that will be hand delivered to you once you complete your medical transcription training at one of the courses I professionally endorse below.


1) This medical transcription training curriculum is approved by the Medical Transcription National Certification Board also known as AHDI (formerly AAMT). This is the type of education that will allow you to sit and pass the National Certification Exam after you complete the course. To me that is huge because once you pass the exam you will be a proud CMT (Certified Medical Transcriber) so you can go or live anywhere in the USA and be able to work while commanding better salaries than those that are not certified.


2) The medical transcription training course can be completed in as little as 4 months but you can take up to a full year with the use of their extension voucher.


3) The software that they use to teach you over the internet is the most current and up-to-date technology that other courses have not instituted yet. As a matter of fact this work at home medical transcription training course has partnered with another industry giant to use BenchMark KB. How does this help you? Because of this joint venture you will be exposed to the industry’s first application designed to increase the quality and speed of medical transcription through the use of a centralized, standardized electronic health information resource.


4) This medical transcription training program offers two levels of online enrollment and have several payment options like payment plans, scholarship programs and loans because they understand everyone’s financial situation is different.


5) They provide you with free bonuses some courses charge for such as helpful forums, Chat Rooms, and online visits with key leaders in the industry, access to friendly one-on-one student support staff, helpful one-on-one technical support, newsletters, updates and so much more.


6) They have medical transcription programs especially for Military Spouses while the other significant other is away protecting our way of life.


7) This medical transcription training course has over 100 different companies that hire graduates of their course. Industry employers insist on their medical transcription training because they know that those graduates will fill their need for productive, quality medical transcriptionists.


Here is a brief list of the companies that hire/contract work from home medical transcriptionists:






Applied Medical Services,






Eight Crossing,




Medifax, Inc.,








Nuance Transcription Services (formally know as Webmedx),




Professional Medical Services, Inc.,




Portal Healthcare Solutions,






Transtechmedical, and




8) This course has been featured on TV and in print by CNN, Good Morning America, The Wall Street News Hour, The Home Business Journal, Opportunity World, Home Business Connection, and Inc. Magazine. Listen, if these well know entities go out of their way to feature this course on a national basis then you know the are the Best-Of-The-Best.


9) Even thought learning is a very serious matter this medical transcription training course is far from boring. They teach you interactively with puzzles and games to keep you wanting to learn. They keep your eyes, mouth and hands active so what is being taught can be absorbed quickly and easily into your mind.


10) The course is affordable. That’s an understatement considering that most good medical transcription training courses cost around $3,000 and up.


Since 2005 I have taken, graduated and evaluated 10+ online medical transcription training programs using the same steps I mentioned above so you don’t waste your precious time, energy and money on useless MT training courses so…

Here Is The #1 Online Medical Transcription Course Of Early 2017 – 2018:


Online Medical Transcription Training Course


I have read several “How-To” work from home medical transcription books but only one of them cater to the true beginners to the MT industry. To make your journey a less rocky one I strongly suggest that you read it because they cover in-depth all the necessary topics that you must know about the field before you get started! The following downloadable ebook is written by a highly successful home based medical transcriptionist that is more than qualified to help you become successful too.


Step-By-Step Guide To Medical Transcription At Home


For those of you that came here from the “Medical Billing vs Medical Coding” page, let’s get back to medical billing and discuss the topic of:


Salaries of medical biller’s in the workplace vs medical billing business owners


I really enjoyed sharing with you today and I was able to convey what you must consider before you decide to venture into the work at home medical transcription industry.


Here’s To Your Success!


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