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marketing a medical billing business image topCorrectly Marketing A Medical Billing Business In 2017 To Get Clients Utilizing 13 Proven Techniques.

Before we get started I need to address a very common misconception about marketing a medical billing business! Everyday I get emails and calls asking…

Who Can I Hire To Market My Medical Billing Business For Me?


There is no company in the USA you can hire. Sure you can hire a salesperson to market your new business but it will be an expense you can’t afford to take on in your early stages!


You see, years ago when home based medical billing first burst onto the scene you could google “marketing a medical billing business company” and you would find a handful of companies nationally that actually claimed they would do it. However NO PROOF was ever found that they were able to live up to their own hype!


Now let me ask you this. Even in a thriving economy, if you were able to find a company that provides the service of marketing a medical billing business do you really think you would be able to afford them on a start-up budget? And, even if you did have the funds those companies Could Not guarantee that they will be able to set appointments or land a client for you.


What those marketing a medical billing business service companies did guarantee was that they would contact an agreed upon amount of prospective clients (interested or not) about your services and they will give you reports of whom they spoke to, when they spoke, what the outcome was and any other jewels of information that they learned. Are You Kidding Me, that’s far from marketing a medical billing business?


It takes about 5 – 7 minutes for you to do the exact same thing using a phone book and the internet so why would you spend your hard earned money having someone do it for you while charging you astronomical prices.


Simply Put… Marketing a medical billing business is a learned process! Once learned, you have to put the techniques into action, from there you will see what works and then you expanding on what’s working through constant repetition.


Who Am I & Why Should You Take What I Say To Heart?marketing your medical billing business PGH image


My name is Paul and it’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance!


While I could go on for days about who I am and list all my accomplishments but I created the medical billing business headquarters website specifically for your benefit, not to talk about myself so…


If you want to get to know me and find out why I’m know in the healthcare industry as “The Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription Mastermind” please click here.


Now, allow me to be brutally honest with you… If you are new to the home based medical billing industry and no one has told you before;


Marketing A Medical Billing Business To Get Clients Is The Hardest Thing You Will Go Through With The Exception Of Actually Signing Your Very First Client.


You will come to understand that both tasks are completely different animals and as a business owner you must learn how to initiate each phase properly to successfully reap the rewards. Let me explain:


1) Attracting, getting, locating and finding doctors as well as anything you do to make them aware that your medical billing service exists = MARKETING


2) When doctors or their staff contact you for additional information concerning your services as well as if you have face-to-face sit down meetings to discuss if your services will be a good fit for them or any situation where you must further elaborate on the services you offer = SALES (this initial contact is what leads up to you actually signing your first client).


If you fail at effectively marketing a medical billing business to entice potential clients, your business is doomed!


Most people that start a home based medical billing service don’t come from a marketing or sales background so their lack of knowledge and the FEAR of not knowing what they doing cripples their chances of getting new clients to work with.


How do I know? Because I lived through it, every successful medical billing associate I know went through the same process and that’s why today the number one question that’s asked of us is “How do I get doctors for my medical billing service?”.


There are several avenues you can use to get medical billing clients and here’s a few of the methods that have been used over the years but… as of 2017 ONLY 13 techniques currently work:


1) Press Releases


2) Word Of Mouth


3) Networking (Chamber of Commerce, BBB events, Health Fairs, Health Related Trade Shows, CMS Workshops, attending local events where doctors and physicians are likely to be, etc.)


4) Monthly Mailings (Fliers, Brochures, Newsletters, Post Cards, Cooperative Mailings, etc.)


5) Daily Telemarketing


6) Cold Calling


7) Email Campaigns


8) Local Online Phone Directory Listings


9) Phone Book Listing


10) Websites (Your corporate website, Healthcare Related Blogs Where Doctors and Physicians Comment and Frequent Regularly, Social Networking Sites Run By Specialty Doctors and Physicians, etc.)


11) Medical Journals and Publication Ads


12) Newspaper Ads


13) Gossip Magazine Ads


14) Business Cards


15) References From Doctors and Physicians That You Already Know


16) References From Lawyers and CPA’s (Both of them work with local doctors and physicians so they also know which ones could really use your services)


17) Attend and Actively Participate In Block Associations


18) Attend and Actively Participate In Building Associations


19) Social Media


20) Attend and Actively Participate In School Functions (Great way to meet the spouses of doctors and physicians)


I can go on and on but what I am trying to show you is that YOU must be highly creative in the methods and strategies you use to get clients for your medical billing business!


I Tell People All The Time, When Marketing A Medical Billing Service I Beg You, NOT To Fall For The Following Advice Because It’s Not Effective!


Write to CMS, request a listing of doctors and physicians (through the Freedom Of Information Act) in your area that do not submit their claims electronically, send out your marketing material to them and then follow that up by phone or visiting the office.


Trust me when I say… That Marketing Strategy Has Never Worked For Anyone!!! Why?


Simply put, the listings you will receive are very inaccurate because at one time or another every doctor/office has no choice but to submit/file a claim on paper instead of electronically. So out of the 10,000 names-numbers-addresses you receive only 2% (200) of them are really potential clients.


Now let’s take that one step farther shall we:


How are you going to feel after you spend all that money, time and energy getting the list, making your brochures, mailing them out and then the expense of calling all of those potential clients and you don’t receive a single call of interest?


You’d Quit!!!!


I ALMOST DID, twice in fact, because no one at the time was willing to teach me that just knowing how to get medical billing clients is not enough…KNOWING is ONLY half the battle!


Being shown, step-by-step how to effectively put that knowledge into action to Receive A Predictable and Favorable Outcome has to be first learned and then to become masterful at it YOU MUST do it repetitively and consistently for it to work.


Who’s Willing To Teach You The 13 Fundamental Strategies To Marketing A Medical Billing Business?


Over the years I have read 6 medical billing marketing books in the marketplace that state they will show you the steps but I must be upfront with you..They all sucked!


Not because they were badly written but because of the fear of creating new competition, the authors really didn’t want to let the cat out the bag so instead they beat around the bush teaching expensive, impractical, unusable and rehashed techniques.




Allow this successful 16 year mother and daughter home based medical billing team that have gone from 0 to 60 clients to Not Only Teach You the 13 strategies of properly marketing a medical billing business and how to get medical billing clients to work with but also Show You step-by-step how to immediately put the strategies to work.


So in all you will receive:


13 top notch and proven to work marketing strategies


Professionally written word-for-word telephone scripts and,


Usable marketing letters proven to entice and attract clients, doctors and physicians


Also covered in-depth is:


How to get other people to find clients for you


How to cold call a doctors office


Exactly what to say to doctors and their staff


How to beat out competition (Hint…specialize)


How to go about answering ads


How to use direct mail effectively


How to use the power of “groups”


How to utilize health fairs and lastly,


The “Porsche Drawer” effect


“There’s NO Need For You To Walk This Path Alone” so come and walk with a team who is experiencing success everyday.


The topic of marketing your medical billing business is so critical that you Can Not afford not to have these 13 proven strategies at work for you!


Besides The Advanced Marketing A Medical Billing Business Book There Are…


2 additional resource materials my students say they could not live without. As of January 2017 I have added them here because they are really that good.


As I have said before, everyone learns differently! Some do well reading books while others are more visual learners and would rather hands-on training. So, here’s options for both:


Advanced Medical Billing Marketing Ebook   and   Medical Billing Marketing Success Ebook   or   Interactive Medical Billing Marketing Course


There are also 2 topics that go hand-in-hand with the topic of marketing your business. It would be a travesty for me not to mention them here for your benefit:


Secrets to Signing Up Your First Doctor


Pricing Your Medical Billing Service


Wow, that was alot to cover so, let’s move on and review:


The 20 step ist to setting up a medical billing business


I really enjoyed sharing with you today and I hope you learned what goes into correctly marketing a medical billing business in order to get medical billing clients for your home based medical billing service.


Here’s To Your Success!


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