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Medical Billing Associations, forums or Organizations You Should JoinMedical Billing Associations Give Billers And Billing Business Owners The Guidance They Need To Solve Issues As They Arise.


These organizations will be your support system when you desperately need to ask a billing related question, when you need a certain type of form or contract, when your claims are being denied and you can’t figure out why, when you just need to vent your frustrations and a host of other issues.


The problem is most billers/billing business owners don’t want to spend money on an annual membership so they post their problems in free forums hoping to get the advice they need. While free is good, you will not get a prompt response and the quality of the responses you receive will be questionable at best. When you join medical billing associations you’re part of a family that is dedicated to helping each other so the responses you get will be legitimate, in-depth and complete.


medical billing associations organization and forums website PHG imageWhy Should I Listen To Your Medical Billing Organizations Advice?


Great question and I would be shocked if you didn’t want to know!!! Hello, my name is Paul G. Hackett and I thank you for taking the time to visit today!


Listen… I could list all the accomplishments that have made me the billing, coding and transcription business expert I am today however, I created this page specifically for your benefit so I will not do so here!


However, you deserve the opportunity to learn more about me so here is a link that is dedicated to who I am, what I’ve gone through in my own businesses, why I have chosen to mentor others, etc., so please click here. Now let’s continue…



There are several reasons why I advocate medical billing associations and here’s a brief list of the benefits you receive by doing so:



1. You can network with other medical billing & coding professionals and business owners,


2. You get the most updated advice & info on:


  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Workers compensation

  • Personal injury

  • Records retention

  • Specialty billing

  • Breaking industry news

  • Creating a website for your business

  • Current listing of insurance carriers

  • Creating your medical billing or coding resume

  • Education, seminars and training programs

  • Medical billing & coding certification & CEU’s


3. You get access to the latest info regarding:


  • Fraud & abuse

  • Rules & regulations

  • HIPAA & compliance issues


4. You get discounts on products and services like clearinghouses, medical billing business packages, etc.,


5. You get immediate email support for urgent issues you may be experiencing,


6. You get access to medical billing and healthcare related articles,


7. You can have your business and website listed in medical billing services directories,


8. You get tips on marketing your services,


9. You get access to downloadable marketing & sales materials,


10. You Get Access To Downloadable Forms & scripts you will need for your business,


11. You get access to downloadable examples of medical billing contracts and so much more,


Knowing what you do now, I am sure you clearly see why enrolling in medical billing organizations is a worthy investment!


There Are 3 Well Known And very Active Medical Billing Associations That Have And Continue To Support Medical Billers & Billing Business Owners:


1) The AMBA was founded in 1998 and is the oldest and most respected medical billing organzation in the country. Membership costs $99 annually.


American Medical Billing Association
2465 E. Main
Davis, OK 73030


2) The PMRNC is also one of the most respected and active medical billing organizations which was founded in 2000 and has over 7000 subscribers. Membership costs $79.99 annually and 6 months costs $59.00.


Practice Managers Resource & Networking Community
P.O. Box 507
Au Sable Forks, NY 12912
(518) 534-4919


3) The MAB was founded in 1995 and has blossomed into an international medical billing association. Annual membership costs $100 for the electronic version and $115 for the printed/mailed version.


Medical Association of Billers
2620 Regatta Drive
Suite 102
Las Vegas, NV 89128


Online Medical Billing Forums


At one time there used to be several online forums but they became overrun by spammers, by schools pushing their courses and by people who’s only mission was to give out incorrect information so many of the owners opted to switch over to the paid membership option to keep those unwanted guest out.


Today there are 3 medical billing forums left that have been able to counteract the spam issues and deliver quality advice and resources that medical billers and business owners can rely on and here they are:


Forum #1


Forum #2


Forum #3


Now that we have covered this topic extensively, let’s move on and discuss…


Medical billing business plans and why you need one


I really enjoyed sharing with you today and I hope you understand how you will benefit from investing in medical billing associations.


  Here’s To Your Success!


External Medical Billing Organizations Resources


Wikipedia On The AMBA Video On The Healthcare Billing & Management Association


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