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Step-by-step Medical Billing Books and Hands-on Courses For Beginners In Starting Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business From Home.


Every book, ebook and interactive course mentioned here is written/taught by current medical billing business owners to ensure you’re getting the proper guidance you need!


***Please Note: No medical billing books, courses or resource makes it onto this page unless…***


>> I have personally read the book myself,


>> I have personally taken the course myself,


>> My medical billing business associates and business insiders have also read, taken and endorse the book or course as being a verified learning resource,


>> I fully endorse the book or course as a verified starting a home based medical billing resource/tool that will truly benefit you,


>> My students have read the book, taken the course and reported it as being of great benefit to their understanding of a particular business topic or area of interest, and lastly, are the one’s that…


>> I currently use (2017) to mentor my students so they are never left questioning “How Do I ____” or “What Do I Do If ____”? when I’m not readily available to assist them.


Right now I am in the process of creating more content to make sure this page stays up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry so please bookmark this page right now and revisit us regularly.


medical billing business books author image Who Am I & Why Should You Follow My Advice ?


Great question and I would be shocked if you didn’t want to know. Hello, my name is Paul and I thank you for taking the time to visit today!


I could list all the accomplishments that have made me the medical management consultant I am today, what I’ve gone through in starting my own (medical billing, coding and transcription) businesses & why I have been mentoring others since 2002 but you can find that info out at: more about PGH. My reasoning for not doing so here is very simple:


My personal mission is to help you decide based on pure facts if starting a medical billing business is really the right business for you to pursue and if so… Show you how to do it with the assistance of the medical billing books and reference materials listed below!


Lastly, knowing that everyone learns differently (I am a visual/hands-on learner) I have included online course for those that rather interactive learning over reading a book.


OK, lets get down to the real business at hand…


Medical Billing Books And Courses On What Medical Billing & Coding Consists Of


textbook from - Medical Billing: A Practical Guide image
Medical Billing: A practical Guide eBook = An honest and inexpensive attempt to assist people who want to learn medical billing. Includes medical billing terminology, steps in the medical billing process, descriptions of potential office scenarios, access to video clips of software data entry demonstrations, and audio clips depicting routine billing tasks and the responsibilities of a biller in a medical office.


kindle workbook from amazon - Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies image
Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies = This fully updated second edition of Medical Billing & Coding For Dummies provides readers with a complete overview of what to expect and how to succeed in a career in medical billing and coding. This updated resource includes details on the most current industry changes in ICD-10 (10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) and PPS (Prospective Payment Systems), expanded coverage on the differences between EHRs and MHRs, the latest certification requirements and standard industry practices, and updated tips and advice for dealing with government agencies and insurance companies.


Medical billing paperbacks Image – Introduction to medical billing image
Intro to Medical Billing = This book is written by my friend, medical billing business associate, medical billing course instructor and medical billing books author. She has trained and gotten many of my students certified over the last decade. In 2015 she authored several books on different medical billing from home topics and I have reviewed them all. Her books (and certification course) are great and that is why I continue to expose my students to them.


Medical billing handbook Image - Learn The Basics of Medical Billing image
The Complete Guide to Medical Billing Basics = This book covers the nitty-gritty details of what is involved in Medical Billing. It leaves out all of the fluff, and only covers what you actually need to know.


Medical billing pamphlet Image - Introduction To Health Insurance And The Medical Billing Process
Introduction To Health Insurance And The Medical Billing Process Course Online Course = This text introduces you to all the basics of medical insurance billing and practice management. We cover all the different types of health insurance, who is eligible to receive it, how it is obtained and how the medical claims process works. This course and the the book directly above is written and taught by two other friends, medical billing business associates, medical billing business owners and medical billing books authors.



How To Start A Medical Billing Business Books


billing book - Start Your Own Medical Billing Service image
Start Your Own Medical Billing Service = This book will show you to carefully plan to start your medical billing service. Then the book will explain how to manage your business on a day to day basis with information about market analysis and planning, advertising, employee records and training, accounting and bookkeeping, determining your target market, how to analyze the competition, and much more. Start your medical billing service today, the right way!


Medical billing ebook Image - Start Your Own Medical Billing Business image
Work From Home in Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business = Updated in 2014 (This has been verified however many of the images online still show Revised In 2013). This 96 page No Fluff medical billing manual is written by two medical billing business owners and covers all the steps to successfully starting a medical billing business from A – Z. I personally know the authors and you will see me mention several of their other ebooks because they are that good.


kindle and paperback books from - Start Your Own Medical Claims Billing Service image
Start Your Own Medical Claims Billing Service = I have been referring students to Entrepreneurs Press books since 2007. In 2012 they updated the text and it is still one of the best medical billing books on the subject even though most would consider the information to be dated. The next update of this workbook is scheduled for Sept. 2017. This resource is full of expert advice from medical billing professionals with the latest industry information and you’ll learn everything you need to know on how to start a medical billing business.


kindle ebook from - How to JumpStart A Successful Medical Billing Service image
How to Jump Start A Successful Medical Billing Service = This ebook is written by another of my medical billing business associates however I did not know she finally published it. A student of mine alerted me to it’s existence and to tell me how good it is. Needless to say I purchased it, read through it and I agree that it is great book that would be of great benefit to my students.


Medical billing brochure - Operating A Medical Billing Business image
Operating A Medical Billing Business Course = This course offers the student the chance to explore all the various steps in setting up a medical billing business. This course covers all of the most common questions we are asked by people who are considering starting out in this field.



Books On Setting Up Your Medical Billing Business Topics By Specificity


The first two medical billing books mentioned below are required reading for my students because the topics discussed cover the 2 major roadblocks they will face!


Medical billing textbook - Pricing Your Medical Billing Service image
Pricing Your Medical Billing Service = This medical billing book helps me teach my students the pros and cons of the different methods of charging their clients for the billing services they provide. this resource covers set up fees, monthly fees, other services you could charge for, explain how patient billing affects the way you will charge for your services. Most importantly, it will help you avoid commonly used illegal practices and show you how to calculate rates for prospective providers with each of the different methods described.


Medical billing editions Image - Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor image
Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor = How do I get my first doctor/client to work with is one of the top five questions I receive on a daily basis! This is required reading for all of my students because they need to have a firm understanding and the confidence of knowing exactly what to ask a potential client, how to answer questions that a potential client will ask you, what you should bring with you on every face-to-face meeting and so much more.


Medical billing guide - Write a Contract For Your Medical Billing Service image
Write a Kick Butt Contract For Your Medical Billing Service = How can you write a medical billing business contract that will cover situations that you have not yet dealt with? This medical billing workbook has all the answers you need. We deal with these situations on a daily basis and know what you need to consider when writing your contract. This book will walk you step-by-step through writing a contract, scenarios of situations that can arise along with sample contracts and agreements.


Medical billing booklet - Take Your Medical Billing Business To The Next Level image
Take Your Medical Billing Business to The Next Level = This book is for established medical billing business owners! This book will tell what you need to know about evaluating your current business, evaluating your fees, expanding your business, how to put systems in place so it will work, the costs of expansion, work space and equipment, hiring and training employees, handling expansion challenges, etc.


medical billing business plan book image
Medical Billing Business Plan = Since 1999 I have had the opportunity to review several medical billing books on the topic of how to create, word and expand upon business plans however they were too general in nature and not geared specifically toward medical billing businesses.


Then in early 2015, I read a book entitled “The Business Plan For Your Medical Billing Service Workbook” and was so blown away by the simplistic way Ms. Gray (the author) broke everything down so clearly that I have been using it ever since to train my students!


I briefly cover the importance of this topic on another page within this website because alot of people skip this step so please visit:


Medical Billing Business Books & Courses On HIPAA, Hitech, Compliance, Fraud & Abuse

Simply put these are the rules, laws, policies and regulations that govern how healthcare information is handled, stored, transmitted, etc.. You can find them on the internet for free but… I guarantee you will go crazy trying to read/understand all the legal jargon and how to implement them into your business. The books and online course below breaks down the subject in an easy to read and concise fashion as they are written by medical billing business owners.


kindle reference guide from - HIPAA Omnibus Rules Simplified


Medical billing resources - Understanding HIPAA image


Medical billing edition - HIPAA, HITECH And Other Regulations Image



Medical Billing Business eBooks On Filling Out Different Types Of Forms


Medical billing softcover - Filling Out The CMS 1500 Forms Image
Filling Out The CMS 1500 Forms = This is the recently updated 2014 version of the form that you will use and submit on behalf of your clients that perform their work in a an out-patient facility (for example your family doctor) to get them paid from the patients insurance carrier.


Medical billing publication - Instructions For Filling Out The UB04 Forms Image
Filling Out The UB 04 Forms = This is the recently updated 2015 version of the form that you will use and submit on behalf of your clients that perform their work in an in-patient facility (for example a hospital) to get them paid from the patients insurance carrier.


Medical billing books - Medicare Enrollment - Completing the 855I Form Image
Medicare Enrollment – Completing the 855I = This form is used by doctors to become credentialed with Medicare so they can be reimbursed by Medicare for the services they provide to any medicare patients they may have or acquire.


The main reason this is required reading for my medical billing business students is that this is one way to offer their clients additional services that will in turn bring in even more income to their billing business.


These forms are lengthy, complicated and most doctors nor their staff have any idea how to submit them correctly to get approved.


Medical billing book - Understanding Medical Office Forms Image
Understanding Medical Office Forms = There are many medical billing forms that you as a medical billing service provider will need to prepare, complete and/or submit in order to: 1) Get your client paid (CMS 1550, UB04, etc.), 2) Get your clients enrolled in Medicare, 3) Request additional information from your client, 4) Request additional information on the patient that was seen by your client, 5) request additional information from insurance companies, and, 5) A host of other miscellaneous forms that you could create or update for your client or their patients. This resource covers it all with examples of the forms being discussed. Click here to view the table of contents.


I briefly cover this topic on another page within this website so please visit:



Downloadable Medical Billing Books On Billing For Specialties


You Can’t Satisfy Everyone All The Time But…If your medical billing business specializes in billing for a certain type of specialty you will limit the amount of competition you will encounter when approaching potential clients.


The way most courses and medical billing books teach medical billing is from a general view and is geared to you working for or with a general practitioner.


Needless to say if you want to become an expert at billing for let’s say a Dentist, Chiropractor, Mental Health, Physical Therapists you would have to learn it from doing it hands-on which could lead to you losing the client and taking a hit to your reputation as a business.


My good friends and medical billing business associates have put together the following medical billing books to quickly get you up-to-speed on billing for a particular specialist so you can become the expert you need to become to address their billing issues.


Medical billing manuals - Chiropractic Billing Made Easy image


Medical billing encyclopedia - Mental Health Billing image


Medical billing titles – Physical therapy medical billing image



Medical Billing Workbooks and Courses On Processing Claims, Workman’s Compensation & Submitting Claims To Insurance Companies


Medical billing workbooks - Life Cycle Of A Health Insurance Claim course image
Life Cycle Of A Insurance Claim Online Course = In this course you will be walked through the entire process of an health insurance claim from the gathering of information for the claim to insuring full payment from all parties involved for the service. Also covered are the tracking of the claims process and the rules of various insurance carriers for timely filing of insurance claims.


Medical billing ebooks - Billing Blue Cross, Commercial, Workers' Comp course image
How To Correctly Bill Blue Cross, Commercial, Workers Comp Course = In this course you will be walked through the entire process of billing commercial health insurance claims, supplemental health insurance claims, workers’ comp claims, automobile claims, COBRA and personal injury claims. Requirements for billing secondary and tertiary insurance claims are covered as well as issues related to billing managed care.


Medical billing manual - Billing Medicare, TRICARE And Medicaid image
How To Correctly Bill Medicare, TRICARE And Medicaid Course = In this course you will learn everything you need to know regarding the insurance plans run by both federal and state governments. you will learn the four parts of Medicare (A, B, C & D), the requirements of Medicare billing and lastly, the fundamentals of Medicaid insurance and TRICARE.



How To Input Information Into Your Medical Billing Software Books and Courses


Medical billing paperback - Medical Insurance Coverage - Proper Payment Posting & Accounting image
Proper Payment Posting & Accounting = Once you learn how to work with medical billing software must also lean the proper ways of inputting (posting) payments, adjustments, withhold amounts, and rejection codes supplied by the insurance carriers into the software you use.

Additionally, any other information supplied by the insurance carriers or third party payers, either electronically or manually, is also posted to the patient accounts in accordance with the information on the patient’s EOB.


Get this process wrong and it will negatively impact the patient, your client and your business reputation so you must take the time to master how to post payments correctly. Out of the medical billing books I have read about this topic this one does the best job of explaining the process so it’s easy to understand and put into practice.


Medical billing brochures - Working With A Practice Management System course image
Working With A Practice Management System Course = In this exciting course, the student will have the opportunity to work with a practice management system. Each student will receive a demo version of a full practice management system to use for the duration of the course. You will be learn all aspects of the practice management system and will actually use the system to enter information. We show the student the process of setting up a medical practice, office locations, providers, patients, facilities, claims, payments and much more. This opportunity gives the student not only the theoretical idea of how to submit insurance claims, but a hands on chance to actually see it happen.



Medical Billing Books & Courses On EOB’s, Handling Denials – Appeals & Adjustments


medical billing workbook - Denials, Appeals and Adjustments image


As a medical billing business owner it is your responsibility to correctly read and fully understand remittance notices, knowing how to handle denials, adjustments and how to file effective appeals on denied insurance claims. With either of these resources you will learn how to make sure claims are paid correctly and what to do when they are not.


Medical billing pamphlets - Reading EOB's, Handling Denials And Filing Appeals course image



How To Medical Billing Books & Courses On Marketing A Medical Billing Business In 2017


The #1 question I receive on a daily basis from people that I Do Not mentor is “Can you give me tips on marketing my medical billing business?”


There are several reason why they are experiencing these issues however my students have learned what must be done to achieve the positive results they do during their marketing stage. Their learning curve was cut in half by mastering the techniques discussed in the 3 medical billing resources listed below.


Since there are circumstances that negatively affect the desired marketing outcomes my students are required to join at the very least one active medical billing association or forum (which you can read more about at:


My thinking here is simple, things that work for me might not for you, you live in a different state or local where potential clients don’t respond to the marketing materials I send out and a ton of other reasons.


If you join a organization or forum there are other members in your area that will provide you with examples of what is working right now to gain them additional clients to work with. There is strength in numbers and this is a way to become part of the masses.


Medical billing booklets - medical billing marketing Image


Medical billing bestseller - Medical Billing Business Resource Guide Image


Medical billing hardcover - Marketing A Medical Billing Business training Image



Medical Coding Books & Courses


Please Note: Medical billers do not need to know all the information that a certified medical coder is required to know! However…


I firmly believe that the reason my students become the successes they are is due to the fact that they are familiar with and have a basic understanding of the medical coding process.


The medical billing resources listed below don’t try to teach you all the diagnosis and CPT codes instead you will learn what a medical biller needs to know about these codes, how they can affect the billing process, how to understand them and how to look them up in order to assist their client in submitting clean insurance claims.


The 2nd link/image is for a full blow medical coding course. My students are always asking if I could refer them to a great online coding training program that can be completed at their pace as a way to build upon the medical billing skills they have so I listed it in this section for those that are interested.


Medical Billing Books referencing Medical Certification Courses Image


Medical Coding training & Books - Medical Coding Certification Course Image



Medical Transcription Books & Courses


Medical Transcription eBook - medical transcription at home Image


Medical Transcription Course Resources Image



Additional Medical Billing Business Resources & Online Courses


Medical billing manuals - Medical Billing Business In A Box Image
Medical Billing Home Business in a Box = This is a bundle deal that includes several of the downloadable medical billing books mentioned above that are written by my good friends and business associates (Alice and Michele). If these material were around when I first thought about doing medical billing from home as a business I would have saved myself a lot of time and money. Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

>> How to Start Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business
>> 12 Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Medical Billing Business
>> How To Complete a CMS 1500 Form
>> Secrets to Signing Up Your First
>> Basics of Medical Billing
>> Getting Started Workbook
>> “Big Pack” of Completed CMS 1500 Practice Forms
>> 50 Blank New CMS 1500 Forms
>> Plus 3 special reports

Alice and Michele also put together other bundles with different books based on where you currently are in your journey so have a look at their: Special Medical Billing Ebooks Discount Packages!


Online Medical Billing Certification Course =

medical billing resources - Medical Billing Certification Course image


ASAMB Home Study Course =

medical billing online training image

I want to thank you for visiting the medical billing books, ebooks & resources website today.


Here’s To Your Success!


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