Medical Billing Business In A Box


The Medical Billing Business In A Box Delivers Everything You
Need To Correctly Start A Medical Billing Business
From Home In 2017!

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Here’s What You Get In The Medical Billing Business In A Box:


  • 11 immediately downloadable start up ebooks,

  • 11 “Paperback Versions” of the ebooks will be published and mailed directly to your home so you have them in your business library,

  • A quick start workbook,

  • The “Big Pack” of completed CMS 1500 practice forms with answer keys so you learn how to correctly fill out this form to avoid denials,

  • 50 pack of blank CMS 1500 forms to get you started,

  • 3 special reports,

  • 2 additional insider reports,

  • Private one-on-one phone consult with a medical billing business expert, and lastly

  • A carrying case to keep everything mentioned organized. Before we continue, you must be wondering…


medical billing in a box training courses imageWhy Should I Believe In This Guy’s Medical Billing Business Advice?


Great question and I would be shocked if you didn’t want to know!!! Hello, my name is Paul G. Hackett and I thank you for taking the time to visit today!


Here is where I am supposed to list all the accomplishments that have made me the billing, coding and transcription business expert I am today however, I created this page specifically for your benefit so I will not do so here!


However, you deserve the opportunity to learn more about me so please click here.


Now, once you have the medical billing business in a box in your possession….


All You Need To Do Is Simply Follow The “Step-By-Step Blueprint” That Was Created By 2 Successful Home Based Medical Billing Business Owners From New York.


The crucial element we need to examine is whether or not there is a need for home-based medical billers?


Well, allow me to ask you this…Have you ever heard of The Healthcare sector being affected by a economic downturn? NEVER! The Healthcare industry actually increases spending while all other sectors freeze their spending.


Everyday, good or bad weather people are seen by doctors and that will never stop! One more thing that will NEVER disappear is that every physician must get paid for their services so…


There Will Continually Be A Need For Medical Billing Specialists to guarantee that those physicians are paid the most amount of money permitted by the insurance carriers that they participate in.


Now, let’s get back to the topic of…


Where Do You Actually Begin Now That You’ve Decided To Start Your Home Based Medical Billing Service?


On a daily basis for the past eleven years I have been asked that question and my response is always the same:


“Medical Billing Is Not a Get Rich Quick type of home based business, you will have to work to become successful and you will have to invest time and money!”


Additionally there are 4 things that every novice to the industry must perform to better their probability of success:


1) You need to understand precisely what you’re getting into and what will be expected of you once you enter the field,


2) You must get yourself a coach to help guide you along the way,


3) You have to network with those who have traveled the identical journey you are on so anytime trouble pops up you have a support system in place to help you overcome them, and


4) It’s important to combine your interest, drive, ambition as well as what you’ve learned on the way into establishing your new career. To put it another way; “You Must Take Action”!

You’ve Proven You Can Do Step #4 Because You’re Here But… How Will You Master The Other 3 Steps?

The Medical Billing Business In A Box Shows You How! We hold the keys to starting-up and operating a billing business because we’ve been there done that, lol, we continue to do it each and every day and we’re the leading resource that the most popular medical billing organizations recommend to their members to ensure they get the guidance they need before, during and after entering this industry.


This webpage and the entire website will help you in mastering all the steps and the Medical Billing Business In A Box will be your fortified foundation.


1) You are going to discover exactly what medical billing is, how to do it for different specialties, how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes you will encounter along the way with the assistance of the following medical billing books:


The Basics Of Medical Billing,


How To Start Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business,


How To Write a Kick Butt Contract For Your Medical Billing Service,


How To Set The Pricing For Your Services,


How To Bill For Chiropractors,


How To Bill For Mental Health Practitioners, and


How To Deal With Denials, Appeals & Adjustments Like A Pro.


2) The medical billing business in a box has books that show you how to read, understand, accurately fill out and submit the CMS 1500 form correctly to get your clients paid:


Filling Out The CMS 1500 Forms Completely and Correctly,


20 Completed Mental Health CMS Form Sample Pack,


20 Completed Chiropractic Health CMS Form Sample Pack, and


You also get 50 Blank CMS 1500 forms to get you started.


3) The medical billing business in a box includes books that show you what you must do and say in order to sell and market your services to potential clients:


12 Proven Marketing Strategies Of Medical Billing Businesses,


Advanced Medical Billing Marketing Strategies For The New Economy, and


The Secrets to Signing Up Your First Doctor.


We acknowledge that in order to be successful in any business one must be subjected to all the expert tips, tricks and secrets that can only be acquired from those that have already experienced the process. Knowing this fact we are also including within the medical billing business in a box the following:


3 Special Bonuses You Can’t Get Any Place Else:


Special Report #1 = Insurance Denials, How the Pros Handle Them And How You Should Too In order To Get Your Claims Paid Ultra Fast


Special Report #2 = The Secrets of Authorizations and Referrals, What You Need to Know to Prevent Denials Before They Become A Problem


Special Report #3 = How Participating With Insurance Carriers Affects Your Billing Business and…


The Medical Billing Business In A Box Also Includes 2 Additional NEVER Before Shared Medical Billing Business Insider Secrets Bonus:


Insider Secret #1 = How To Choose The Best Practice Management System For Your Business


Insider Secret #2 = Learn The Most Effective Marketing Technique We’ve Ever Used


On Top Of All Of That You Also Get 4 Fast Action Bonuses:


1) Special Membership Area Access for networking purposes,


2) Free Monthly Newsletter Subscription to keep current on what’s going on in the medical billing industry,


3) Free Private Phone Consultation with a medical billing business expert,


4) A Special Carrying Case to keep all of your ebooks and reports organized.


How Much Is The Medical Billing Business In A Box?


As you can see you will have everything you need to successfully start, open and operate your own home based medical billing business (clients not included, lol) and your investment is $495.


You might be thinking “Wow, That’s Expensive” however: If you were to separately purchase ONLY the downloadable versions of the medical billing books it would cost you $455 and you’d be missing out on getting all the other extra’s such as:


The paperback versions of the ebooks being shipped to your home to keep in your business library,


The 3 Bonuses Reports,


The 2 Additional NEVER Before Shared Medical Billing Business Insider Secrets Bonus,


Access To The Members Only Networking Forum,


The Medical Billing Business Owners Monthly Newsletter Subscription,


The Carrying Case To Keep Things Organized, and most importantly


The Private One-On-One Phone Consultation With A Medical Billing Business Expert!


As I said your investment of $495 is more than reasonable so click the link below:


Get your medical billing business in a box package today


I really enjoyed sharing with you today and I hope you understand why investing in the medical billing business in a box is one of the best decisions you can make before entering this industry.


Here’s to your success!


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