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Medical Billing Jobs From Home Do Not Exist & Here’s Why!


I’m about to do what most of your friends won’t…I am going to tell you what you need to hear instead of telling you what you want to hear so here goes: Medical Billing Jobs From Home DO NOT Exist or at least not the way you’ve been told they do!


Since 2002 I have been alerting people to this grim truth but everyday, at least 30 times a day I receive calls and emails asking me “Paul, how to go about finding legitimate home based jobs processing medical claims”?


I am dedicating this webpage to clearly explain what a medical billing job/employment is, the only way it’s done from a home based environment, and lastly how companies have been scamming people into buying into and believing this type of business really exists!


Medical Billing Jobs are just like any other type of jobs. Here are the 5 characteristics of a job:


1. You get hired by a company to perform a function,


2. Both you and your new employer agree to the wages and any benefits you will receive for performing said function,


3. You fill out a W-2 form from your employer in order for the correct taxes to be taken out from your wages,


4. If anything happens to you while you are on the job your employer is potentially liable,


5. You commute to and from where your employers business is located,


I think you get my drift here but simply put… Your Employer Created Their Own Business Model, Implemented That Plan To Start Their Own Practice And They Are Hiring You To Preform A Task Within The Business They Created!


medical billing jobs from home don't exist author imageI Can Hear You Thinking… Why Should I Believe In What This Guy Is Saying?


From what I’ve learned in my business and marketing classes this is where I’m supposed to either give you a rags-to-riches story or tell you all the accomplishments I have achieved to gain a rapport and your trust, lol.


However, since this webpage (and the entire site in general) is really about you I’m not doing the bragging thing but if you really want to get to know me or why I’m know in the healthcare industry as “The Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription Mastermind” then click this link.


Now, let’s get back to the topic of…


Medical Billing Jobs From Home Do Exist But ONLY In This Fashion!


Take the 5 characteristics of a JOB that I mentioned earlier and add to it that your new employer has instituted the necessary technology and legal components in order to transmit patients protected health information between their office and your home.


On top of that you also have several legal obligations that you must adhere to in your home in order to accept, process and submit that protected material back to your employer and to any insurance carriers on your employers behalf.


True fact: Even if you and your employer can abide by all the legalities, NO EMPLOYER is going to offer you the opportunity to process their medical claims from the comforts of your home WITHOUT YOU Proving Yourself And Your Skills To Them FIRST, By Working Inside Their Office. Most times that can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on your trustworthiness, your work ethic, your accuracy and your employer.


Yeah, I know I’m being blunt, but hey, it is what it is, lol, and I’m not going to sugar coat the subject like the scam artists do!


So What About Those Medical Billing Jobs From Home Advertisements I See?


I know which one’s you are referring to…Like the one’s you see online and offline at newsstands or in your favorite gossip magazine, in those free shoppers magazines you find at your local supermarket, in trade magazines you find at the library and even in some reputable newspapers, right?


Well, what they are actually offering you is what is know in the industry as an Opportunity Scam and this is how it usually works:


1. These companies are in the business of selling false dreams and lining their pockets to the tune of hundreds of thousands per year due to people not having a clue as to how the home based medical billing industry really works.


2. They take advantage of economic situation (good or bad) by place ads stating that if you want a rewarding career helping doctors and their patients process their medical claims from home you will earn between $40K – $60K a year if you call their 800 number.


3. When they get you on the phone they further mislead you by making it sound like you will be working for them as a job doing medical billing from home as their agent or independent contractor. All they ask in return is a small investment of $300 – $500 to get you set up.


4. Those that have been at it for while take it to another level by telling you your tiny investment will also cover the medical billing training/education you will need to perform the job, the software you will need to process the claims and a listing of physicians in your area that are in dire need of your services and additional marketing materials so you can also work with any clients you find on your own.


So, let me ask you this…
When has someone you have worked for in the past ever asked you to purchase their business model before you are hired as their employee?


True fact: The only reason you would need a business model is if you are starting your own business. The scam is so clever and you’re so excited that it never pops into your mind that you are not being offered a work at home medical billing job…you are being lead into being a medical billing business owner.

5. Once you give them your small investment and complete your training sessions (which is so sub-standard you could never do medical billing as a professional) you will never be able to get them on the phone, they will not return any of your calls, if you do they will refuse to give you a refund and lastly once enough money is made they will disappear (like Keyser Söze from the movie The Usual Suspects, lol).


Just so you know, the types of companies I refer to above are not to be confused with Medical Billing Opportunity Package Vendors. Without going into detail medical billing opportunity packages are like buying into a franchise without you having to pay the company that set you up in business any royalties. There are many companies that have and continue to support the home based medical billing industry however the cost is very expensive (between $5K – $20K).


If you take what I said above to heart I am 100% certain that you will not be taken advantage of by those medical billing jobs from home offers you see or by the companies that promote these types of scams. Now that you are aware there are no legitimate medical billing from home jobs…


Let’s move on and discuss the topic of:


Researching and Evaluating Online Medical Billing Courses


I really enjoyed sharing with you today and I hope that you understand why work at home medical billing jobs really do not exist.


Here’s To Your Success!


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