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Congratulations, on choosing medical billing as a career in the workforce or as a home based business pursuit! However, You Need To Be Aware that 90% of those that enroll in online classes pick the wrong type of medical billing training program!


I Am In No Way Saying…that you taking a 4 – 12 week online course is a bad choice because that’s how I got the majority of my education. I took all my billing, coding, transcription, business and marketing classes online. In December 2012 I even learned how to code and create this website from an online school.


What I am saying is… How you go about researching, evaluating and ultimately picking your billing course is where most people fail miserably.


Let me prove it to you in case:


You don’t know what I’m talking about,


You are in deep denial as some of those that I have had the displeasure of mentoring, or,


You just don’t believe what I’m saying.


When people go online to make a purchase they usually do the following:


  • They Google or Bing for what they want,
  • They research the item using the top 10, 12 or 15 search results,
  • They look for the cheapest price they can get for the item (including shipping and handling charges),
  • They take into consideration the amount of time it will take for the item to arrive, and lastly,
  • They make their purchase.


We are all mirrors of each other so I know you feel where I’m coming from because you’ve done it yourself, right?


So, when you are looking for 4 – 12 week online medical billing training courses, what act of god, would make you do anything differently!!! OK, You Agree With Me But I Can Hear You Thinking…


medical billing training courses imageWhy Should I Listen To This Guy’s Medical Billing Training & Certification Advice?


Well, this is where I’m supposed to go into I did this and that, I belong to such-n-such organization and to basically give you the rags to riches story (or at least that’s what I learned in my marketing classes, lol) but that’s not my style. For those that want to get to know me on a more personal level click this link


This page was made specifically to speak to you candidly about getting you PROPERLY TRAINED and CERTIFIED as a working medical biller or medical billing business owner! Now, there’s alot for us to cover so let’s move on to…


Free Medical Billing Training Courses


Just like anything else in this world there are two sides to a coin and when it comes to you wanting to learn medical billing online it’s no different.


As much as it pains me to say, many people that want to enter into this industry try to do so by searching the internet for free medical billing classes, free medical billing training online and free online medical certification courses to name a few.


Simply put those that search for the terms above ONLY do so because they want to avoid the expense of enrolling in a paid program. While I can understand their thinking, I have to question their judgment because I know they are fully aware of the saying “You Get What You Pay For”!


I have yet to find a free medical biller training course online that will truly prepare someone to become a professional and competent medical biller or medical billing business owner. However, since I am asked about free online billing courses all the time by those I mentor I felt it would be biased of me not to speak upon the topic on this webpage.


Since 2002 I have been searching for an free medical billing online certification course that I could confidently endorse to my readers but NONE were available. Then in late 2008 a company by the name of Dream Force popped on the scene with a website called the Video Training Pro and they supplied 113 medical billing and coding training courses via video but…


In August 2015 (for unknown reasons), the owners of Video Training Pro removed the videos from their website!


Now I could have just dropped the subject since I DO NOT endorse free medical billing or coding courses.


However, in late 2016 one of my medical billing business associates created and uploaded 10 FREE medical billing training videos to fill the void left by Video Training Pro so here is the link:


2017 FREE Medical Billing Training Videos


With that being said, let’s discuss the…


12 Must Know Facts About 4 – 12 Week Online Medical Billing Courses:


1) The instructors Must Be experienced billing professionals and if you are taking the class in order to start a medical billing business they Must Be or have been a medical billing business owner.


2) You Must enroll in a school that specializes in what you are seeking to learn not by an Educational Clearinghouse or Diploma Mills (schools that teach everything from accounting to zoology).


3) You Must Not enroll in online medical billing courses that will take you 2 years to complete unless you are also being trained to become a nationally certified medical coder or transcriptionist.


4) You Must Not enroll in any “Boot Camp Type” programs (one’s that say they can train you within a week).


5) There is no need for you to enroll in online medical billing certification training courses that charge more than $1ooo. The ONLY exception is if you are also being trained in another healthcare specialty such as, transcription or coding.


6) You Should Not enroll in a course that will not train you well enough to pass a certification exam like, the Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP) designation.


7) Your online training program Must give you enough time to finish the course at your own pace because everyone learns differently.


8) Any good school will offer you payment options because everyone’s financial situation is different.


9) A good course will ask you if you’d like a list of present students and alumni so you can contact them for a non-biased review of what you can expect if you chose to enroll.


10) A great medical billing training program Must cover (at the very least) the following 6 subjects in depth:


  • Introduction To Medical Billing,
  • Medical Office Procedures,
  • Documentation And Records,
  • Compliant Code Usage,
  • The Billing and Reimbursement Process (including electronic submission),
  • Billing Software Usage, and lastly


If you are seeking to start your own medical billing business the follow 2 subjects Must also be covered in depth:


  • How To Properly Run and Operate Your Medical Billing Business, and
  • How To Effectively Market Your Medical Billing Business To Get Clients


What I’m saying here is that training to become a medical billing professional is not rocket science so your online course should not be training you like it is!


11) Your medical billing training program should test you regularly during your time with them. I prefer courses that test you after you learn every chapter and doesn’t allow you to move on to the next until you pass that chapters exam.


12) No online course should tell you that it’s a MUST that you get certified in order to get you to enroll. There are no rules or regulations in the USA that require a medical biller to be certified! I endorse becoming certified because with it you’ll stand out from 95% of the other biller’s you will be competing against in the workplace or in business.

As Of December 2016, I Have Taken And Reviewed 38 Online Medical Billing Training Courses But
ONLY 2 Have Lived Up To All The Points I Previously Mentioned!

Before I get to the 2 online 4 – 12 week medical billing courses, here’s the top 8 reasons that my students and I endorse them:


1) They are comprehensive, interactive and fun so you won’t get bored,


2) The instructors and owners are experienced, professional medical billers and medical billing & coding business owners,


3) You can complete each chapter/module at your own pace (most complete these medical billing courses in 8 weeks),


4) The 1st training course costs between $180 – $699 depending on the option you choose:


          a) $699 Deluxe Program,


          b) $599 Complete Program,


          c) $499 For Employment Purposes Only Program (only chapters 1 – 7 need to be completed),


          d) $180 Pay-As-You-Go Program (enrollment fee & chapter 1. Then pay $70 for each remaining chapter),


          e) Click the following link and review a list of the medical billing business resources they have, and lastly,


          f) Click the following link for a list of recent graduates of this course so you can contact them yourself!


5) The 2nd training course costs between $329 – $999 depending on the option you choose:


          a) $999 – 10 Course Bundle Program,


          b) $799 – 8 Course Bundle Program,


          c) $329 – 3 Course Bundle Program, or you can take,


          d) Individual Course Options:


                    i) Introduction to Medical Billing Online Course


                    ii) Understanding Coding and Modifiers Online Course


                    iii) HIPAA, HITECH And Other Regulations Course


                    iv) Life Cycle of a Claim Online Course


                    v) Working With Medical Billing Software/Practice Management System Course


                    vi) Billing Blue Cross, Commercial, Workers Comp Claims Course


                    vii) Billing Medicare, TRICARE And Medicaid Claims Course


                    viii) Reading EOBs, Handling Denials & Filing Appeals Course


                    ix) Operating A Medical Billing Business Course


                     x) Marketing A Medical Billing Business Course


6) They are very reputable, well know online medical billing schools with stellar standings at the better businesses bureau,


7) Both medical billing training courses consist of 9 – 10 online interactive chapters of learning material,


8) Both give you a diploma/certificate to verify your newly acquired skills. The first training course also offers you the opportunity to take the Certified Medical Billing Professional Exam directly through them (online) once you complete and pass all modules of the entire curriculum.


Instead of me droning on about why these are my 2 favorite online medical billing training courses, you should visit the websites and decide for yourself which one appeals to you more:


NAHAE Certification Course   and   ASAMB Home Study Course


PLEASE NOTE: Some of my students have asked if I can refer them to a reputable online medical coding course because they were looking to gain employment within a hospital, clinic, insurance company, etc. If you need this information click the following links to see the online medical coding training course we endorse: Online Medical Coding Course


Wow, that was a lot to cover! Take a breath and let’s move on to:


Medical billing organizations & why you must join at least one!


I really enjoyed sharing with you today and I hope you learned how to research, evaluate and ultimately pick the best online medical billing training course for employment or billing business purposes.


Here’s To Your Success!


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