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Medical Billing Affiliate Program Page


Medical Billing Business Headquarters Home Page

This is the homepage of the website.


Advice On The Salaries Of Medical Billers

A candid look into what medical billing specialist earn in the workforce and can be earned by owning a medical billing service.


Advice On Choosing Your Online Certification Course

No medical billing professional can do the job if they are not trained well.


Advice On How To Market Your Billing Service

Marketing and selling your medical billing service is two different phases and you must learn how to do both successfully.


Advice On Why Work At Home Billing Jobs Do Not Exist

Since 2002 people have been falling for these scams but this article clearly explains why these types of jobs don’t exist.


Advice On What Clearinghouses Are And Why The Are Needed

This webpage defines what a clearinghouse is, how to choose one and why they are a must have for any new medical billing service.


Sample Medical Billing Business Agreements

Every business deal is closed with the signing of a contract and you will need one for you medical billing service so here’s an example of what’s included in one.


Medical Billing Ebooks Every Home Based Medical Billing Business Owners Should Read

Here’s a listing of all the medical billing ebooks that every potential medical billing business owner should read and have in the business library.


Coding VS Billing Advice

The coding vs billing website clearly defines both roles and describes the differences and similarities between the two professions.


Advice On Joining Medical Billing Organizations

Every medical billing professional and medical billing business owner should be a member of a medical billing organization.


Advice On What’s Included In The Medical Billing Box Set

You get 11 downloadable medical billing ebooks, the paperback versions will be mailed to your home, along with 3 special reports, 2 insider secrets reports, a private 1-on-1 phone consult with a medical billing business expert and a carrying case to keep everything organized.


20 Steps To Starting A Home Based Medical Billing Company

The starting a medical billing business checklist website details all the start-up stages you must cover to set your service up for maximum success.


Medical Billing Solutions To Offer To Clients

The medical billing solutions webpage describes and breaks down all the solutions a medical billing business owner should be offering to their clients.


Forms You Must Master

The medical billing forms webpage defines what the CMS 1500, UB04, C4 and CMS 855I forms are and how to use them in your medical billing business.


Medical Transcription Advice, Tips And Resources

Work at home medical transcription advice & training tips, you must consider before you decide to begin your work from home medical transcription career that will save you alot of time, money and stress!


Medical Billing Service Business Plan

The medical billing business plan website clearly explains what a business plan is, what must be included and where to go for additional assistance.


Learn More About Me

This page is all about me and how I became know as the medical billing mastermind.


How To Get In Contact With Me

Use this page to contact me.



While this sitemap contains a listing of what links and pages are presently included in the medical billing business headquarters website it will be updated frequently so check back soon.



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